Vitality Balance
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The Vitality Balance Beauty Select stands for intensive skin care, biopositive benefits and a beautiful, natural tan. With Beauty Select, you receive your individual tanning or beauty program at the touch of a button. If desired, you can also enjoy the caring red light (“Beauty Light”) completely UV-free.

Beauty Light

Skin care with light

Scientific studies confirm that UV-free red light promotes collagen formation, improves skin texture and feel, and reduces wrinkles.

Hybrid Technology

Beauty Light LEDs included

The interplay of gently tanning UV light and caring Beauty Light pampers the skin. For velvetly soft skin and a radiant complexion.

Beauty Select

Desired program at the touch of a button

The individual light experience! At the touch of a button, you can choose from three skin-care light applications. UV-free on request.

Spectra LED Facial Tanner
Efficient, power-saving and gentle on the skin

The new Vitality Balance pampers your face with Spectra UV LEDs. For intensive and directly visible tanning results. Spectra generates the light spectra that make every tanning session incomparably enjoyable, efficiently, energy-saving and gentle on the skin.


Lower power consumption, less heat and incomparable tanning results.


Heat is often equated with tanning, but the opposite is true: excessive heating of the skin triggers a vascular response to cool the skin. Blood is drained from the skin, which can lead to poorer nutrient supply and reduce the tanning reaction.


The lower heat development with Spectra compared to conventional facial tanners is also gentle on the skin and allows the skin-caring Beauty Light to work more effectively. The particularly homogeneous illumination guarantees a uniformly intense tan. For the best and gentlest tanning experience ever.

Cinematic Sound

With Bluetooth®

Enjoy your favorite podcast or your own music with an immersive sound experience.

Bluetooth® Connect

Enjoy your own music

Relax with your favorite podcast or your own music via Bluetooth®.

Wireless Charging

Charge cell phone wirelessly

With wireless charging, your smartphone charges while you enjoy your sunny getaway.

Uniform refreshment
from head to toe

2-zone ventilation

With 2-zone ventilation, you can customize the ventilation automation of your face and body.


Surround Cooling

The body is washed by a steady stream of air, reminiscent of a cool sea breeze. At the same time, Surround Cooling is quieter than ever before.


Air Condition Plus

Comfortable temperature with powerful and efficient air conditioning as standard. So you won’t break a sweat even in summer.

Pure Beauty

The Pure Beauty program is used for UV-free skin care and emits only red Beauty Light. The special light spectra of the Beauty Light lamps and Beauty Light LEDs build up collagen in the skin. For proven firmer and noticeably smoother skin. As this program is UV-free, it is suitable for all skin types.

Beauty & Sun

For those who want to benefit from the biopositive benefits of sunlight in addition to the Beauty Light, the Beauty & Sun program is the best choice. The red Beauty Light is supplemented by a small UV dose. However, the tan is not the main focus. The light sun dose leads to a lightly tanned complexion when used regularly.

Sun & Beauty

SUN & BEAUTY The Sun & Beauty program is perfect for those who want a directly visible tan. Since the red Beauty Light promotes blood circulation in the skin, a beautiful and intense tan is achieved even with a low UV dose. After tanning on the Vitality Balance, the skin feels velvety soft.

UV Technologies

Vitality Balance uses the interaction of the latest UV technology and caring Beauty Light (“Hybrid Technology”). The Spectra UV LED facial tanner enables a beautiful and directly visible tan on the face through high-performance LEDs and a specially developed reflector system. During tanning, you can change the intensity of the facial tanner at any time and, of course, turn it off completely at any time. For a particularly well-groomed complexion, the UV spectrum is supplemented with red beauty light.


  • Cinematic Sound incl. Bluetooth® Connect
  • Wireless Charging for wireless charging of the smartphone
  • Air Condition Plus incl. cooled berth and tunnel
  • Surround cooling for a uniform airflow
  • 2-zone ventilation, separately adjustable for body and face
  • Large, ergonomic Multi Relax lying surface (214 x 83 cm)
  • Smart Control Plus incl. Voice Guide for easy operation
  • NFC Connect, for saving the individual settings


  • Device color: High Gloss White
  • LED Light Show
  • LED Interior Light
  • Satin acrylic discs
Technical data

Technical data

Product dimensions
(L x W x H in cm)

Closed (incl. sound):
235 x 136 x 153

Open (incl. sound):
235 x 136 x 182

Required cabin interior dimensions
( L x W in cm)

250 x 230

Max. Total power with mains connection 400 / 415 V 3N

10.900 watts


3 x 25 A


Ca. 455 kg

Product note

You can find out more in our

operating instructions and planning manuals