Prestige Fusion
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With the new Fusion Technology, Activating Light and Beauty Light are combined for the first time. Blue Activating Light LEDs prepare the skin for tanning and improve the directly visible tanning results. Red Beauty Light LEDs care for the skin while tanning and intensify the tan even more. With the interaction of the two coordinated light spectra, Prestige Fusion enables a particularly intensive and beautiful tan.



  • Preparation of the skin
  • Activation of skin & organism
  • Fast, intensive direct pigmentation


  • Skin care
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Optimised oxygen supply
  • Naturally beautiful tan


  • Perfect interaction of the light spectra
  • Combines the effects of Beauty Light and Activating Light
  • Intensive, directly visible tan with skin care

Dynamic Performance

Always 100 % power

The intelligent lamp control guarantees optimum tanning results – from the first to the last minute.

Personal Sunstyle

Sensitive to intensive

Personal Sunstyle offers the tan you want at the touch of a button. From sensitive to intensive, everyone gets their personal desired tan.

LED Shoulder Tan

Perfect all-round tan

For a particularly beautiful tan with additional skin care in the shoulder area. 

The unique combination of Beauty Light LEDs, UVA LEDs and UVB compact lamp delivers an intensive tan with additional skin care in the shoulder area. Keep your eyes closed.

Lie down, close your eyes and enjoy! The Electronic Voice Assistant (E.V.A.), which is patent pending in Switzerland, is the first voice-controlled operation system. To start voice control during the tanning session, the user simply has to touch the display or say “EVA”. The music volume and ventilation are then reduced for a few seconds so that voice commands can be given during this time. For enhanced safety and relaxation during tanning. Please contact us to check availability for your country.

Perfect refreshment

From head to toe

3-zone ventilation
Unique in the world: 3-zone ventilation with intelligent automatic ventilation. Foot, body and face ventilators can be controlled separately.

Surround Cooling
The body is washed around by an even stream of air, reminiscent of a cool sea breeze. Surround Cooling is quieter than ever before.

Climatronic Plus
Well-being temperature with powerful air conditioning and heating. In the closed interior, the desired temperature is quickly reached and kept constant.


Prestige Fusion uses the latest UV and light technologies for an unparalleled tanning experience. UVA LEDs from Ergoline enable a particularly intensive and directly visible tan in the face and shoulder area thanks to a specially developed reflector system. Spaghetti lamps supplement the light spectrum with UVB to build up an indirect tan. With LED technology, the tanning power always remains constant and instead of individual “hotspots” there is a uniformly intensive tan. 


The UV spectrum is supplemented by the fusion of blue and red light (“Fusion Technology”). Blue Activating Light LEDs prepare the skin for tanning and improve the directly visible tanning results. Red Beauty Light LEDs care for the skin while tanning and intensify the tan even more. For a particularly intensive and beautiful tan.


With two different tube configurations, the Prestige Fusion sets individual accents. As Blue UV, the focus is on a directly visible tan on the body. As a hybrid version, the skin is additionally cared for with smartsun tubes. Thanks to the dynamic ballasts (“Dynamic Performance”), 100 % tanning performance is always guaranteed.


With Personal Sunstyle, you can choose from three individual tanning programs – from sensitive to intensive. This way, everyone gets their personal desired tan.

  • 196 UVA LEDs
  • 52 tubes with Dynamic Performance
  • Available as Blue UV or Hybrid version
  • Fusion Light Technology
  • Selectable UV intensity

Beauty Light

Special attention has been paid to improve skin care while tanning. The consistent further development of the Beauty Light LED technology enables a significantly more homogeneous distribution of the light thanks to the new reflector system. The high-performance LEDs guarantee effective skin care on the face, décolleté, shoulders and body. At the same time, the red LEDs stimulate oxygen production in the skin, which additionally supports tanning while maintaining the same UV output. For an all-round radiant complexion and velvety soft skin.

  • 115 Beauty Light LEDs
  • Beauty Light Complete
  • Intensive skin care
  • Improved oxygen supply

Activating Light

The blue Activating Light LEDs activate the skin and improve the directly visible tan. In the last decade, light research has come up with findings that no one would have thought possible before. Blue light, for example, is of great importance for the chrono biological adaptation of humans to the time of day. It activates the organism, has energizing properties and increases performance. In the skin, it acts like a conductor, ensuring that the individual light reactions take place in a coordinated manner. Blue signals the presence of sunlight to the cells and thus initiates a faster tanning reaction. With the same UV dose, the direct tan is visibly intensified.

  • 97 Activating Light LEDs
  • Patent pending (CH)
  • Activating effect of blue light
  • Preparation of the skin


It goes without saying that the Prestige Fusion is equipped as standard with all the comfort features that ensure pure relaxation. This turns tanning into a soothing short holiday. The wellness equipment with Aqua Fresh, Aroma, Climatronic Plus and Cinematic sound system including Bluetooth ® offers luxury at the highest level. All wellness settings can be set in the Exterior Touch Display before tanning and saved on a customer card with an NFC chip using NFC Connect. When the chip is held in front of the NFC field during the next visit, the Prestige Fusion is automatically set to personal preferences. 

  • Full equipment as standard
  • Cinematic Sound with Bluetooth®
  • 3-zone ventilation with Climatronic Plus
  • NFC Connect / Personal Comfort
  • Multi Relax reclining surface
  • Aqua Fresh & Aroma


The Electronic Voice Assistant (E.V.A.), for which a patent (CH) has been applied for, makes it possible for the first time to operate the solarium with voice commands. The voice control can be activated with one click via the large outdoor display. A video tutorial explains the simple operation. Of course, the Prestige Fusion still offers intuitive operation with large touch displays. The intelligent menu navigation with self-explanatory symbols is structured like a smartphone. When tanning starts, the display switches to black and white mode, which significantly increases readability, regardless of the UV protective glasses used.

  • Electronic Voice Assistant (E.V.A.)
  • 10” Exterior Touch Display
  • 7” Interior Touch Display
  • Videos & Tutorials
  • Voice Guide
Technical data

Technical data

Product dimensions
(L x B x H in cm)

241 × 155 × 151

241 × 155 × 198

Required interior cabin size
(L x B in cm)

250 x 230

Maximum total output with mains connection 400/415 V 3 N

14.400 W


3 x 35 A


600 kg

Product information

Further information can be found in our Gebrauchsanweisungen und Planungshandbüchern.