Zubehör & Service
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With us you will find all the consumables you need for the successful operation of your studio. Here we present the most important articles. On www.jk-licht.com you will find all additional articles and consumables for your studio.

Only the best lamps

guarantee the perfect performance

The tanning result is always only as good as the lamps that are used in conjunction with the relevant solarium. The genuine lamps from the market leader are perfectly matched to your Ergoline solariums. Our development centre guarantees a perfect interplay of lamps and the solarium in collaboration with the leading lamp manufacturers. For this, all variables, such as acrylic panels, the distance of the lamps to the body and cooling system are taken into consideration in order to achieve the best possible performance. For beautiful, all-round tanning results and delighted customers.

The One-Stop-Shop
for your salon

With us you will find all the consumables you need for the successful operation of your studio. From acrylic headrests to Aqua Fresh & Aroma, floor mats, Solarfix disinfectants and safety goggles. Of course always in the usual high quality and optimally aligned to your requirements.

The cosmetics range

for hybrid solariums

The successful hybrid technology needs a cosmetic range that in particular supports the benefits of Beauty Light and UV. The unique ingredient combinations of Hybrid Cosmetic C2 are the perfect amplifier for the hybrid technology. A longer-lasting tan, improved complexion, reduction of fine lines, wrinkles and tauter connective tissue are the kind of results you will love.